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This is a new section, presently in progress. As these pages develop, you will find code examples and HTML, JavaScript, CGI, and other tutorials to help you develop your website, as well as links to many other helpful sites featuring tutorials, free graphics and other development tools.
Be looking for much to come here soon. Meanwhile, here are a few pages to help you with:
  • cPanel The manual for cPanel, the control panel for your site. You can access cPanel at http://www.YourDomainName/cpanel/
  • Download WinSCP A great Free Open Source FTP utility to upload your files and otherwise maintain your site.
  • Outlook Express Setup Help setting up your e-mail in Outlook Express
  • Outlook Setup Help setting up your e-mail using Outlook
  • Troubleshooting e-mail client Setup Still doesn't work? Look here.
  • JSP Help Some help with placing Java Beans and classes and setting up a database
  • PayPal Information about our payment processor, PayPal. (Although PayPal handles our credit card processing, yearly payment plans do not require a PayPal account. Monthly subscription payments, however, are handled through a free, quick, easy and secure PayPal account.)
  • Spam Robot Buster Download this free CGI utility to hide your website e-mail address from spamming robots. Absolutely prevents spammers from obtaining your address from your web pages.
  • CGI Troubleshooting cgi setups.
  • Terms of Service Read our Terms of Service Agreement
  • Privacy Read our Privacy Statement
  • Frequently Asked Questions You will find a lot of information on our FAQ page Add a free Stat Counter to your site. features free professional stat counters and statistical information to boot! Choose to show or not show your counter. A wide range of custom attributes. Definately worth checking out.

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