Spam Bot Buster


Spam Bot Buster is a free CGI script that will absolutely prevent internet spam robots from retrieving your e-mail address from your web pages. We can say "absolutely" because your actual e-mail address will not be anywhere on your web page at all. Not encoded or encrypted or obfuscated. Not in the display and not in your code. Instead, you will have a link that says "E-mail me", or whatever you choose. When the viewer clicks on the link, the correct address is automatically inserted into their e-mail client. In addition, subject lines, and CC and BCC addresses may be added as well.

Spam Bot Buster contains a control panel. Once you have installed the program, you simply go to the program and enter the addresses you want to use on your site. The control panel will add these addresses to a secure database and produce a small bit of JavaScript code for you to add to your web page. This code will pull the correct information from the database, and instigate your visitors e-mail client.

Installation Instructions
  1. Download the file from the link below to your computer hard drive.
  2. Unzip the compressed file.
  3. Install the file in the cgi-bin folder of your web site. This is located in your public_html folder. DO NOT upload the file as a binary file. It must be uploaded as an ASCII or Text file.
  4. Set Permissions on the file to chmod 755 (rwxr-xr-x)
  5. Open the Control Panel in your browser by entering . Here you will find further instructions on entering your e-mail addresses and creating the code for your web page(s).
  6. Cut and Paste the generated code into your web page and upload the changed pages to your server.
The link in the next paragraph is an example of using Spam Bot Buster.

If all this does not make a lot of sense to you, and you are an EzRabbit hosting customer, we can install the Spam Bot Buster for you. Simply e-mail Support with your request, and state the domain name you would like the program installed on. If you would like us to install the code into your web pages, we can do that also for a $15. charge for the first 20 pages. Additional pages will be charged at the rate of $2.00 per page.

Other Uses
  • Newsletters
  • Newsgroup Postings
  • Discussion List Postings
  • Instant Messages
  • Print ads
  • Other Documents
Why Use Spam Bot Buster?

Email address cloaking methods abound. The methods include encoding with special characters, encryption, generating with JavaScript, and others, some very ingenious. But they all have a weakness in common - the browser has to decode/decrypt/generate the email address into it's original form before it can be used. This is a weakness because browsers and email harvesting robots are both software and, no matter the cloaking method, if a browser can extract the email address then robots can be programmed to extract it, too.

With the Master Spambot Buster method, cloaking isn't necessary because there is no email address to cloak.

When no email address is present, it can't be harvested.

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