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About US is a subsidiary of DataBoy, a privately held and privately funded company, first established in 1991 to design custom software for the small office.
In 1993, DataBoy's founder, Buddy Logan, began designing software for the national freight industry. Returning to his hometown of Seattle, Washington, Buddy and DataBoy Software began Web site services and development in 2003.

EzRabbit was formed in 2004 to provide low-cost and efficient Web hosting to customers world wide. We take pride in providing one-on-one service to our valued customers.

Whether you have a small personal, or a large corporate site, EzRabbit can fulfill your hosting needs. Our state-of-the-art servers, accessible via a fully meshed and redundant network, are located in the Equinix Data Center in Chicago, Illinois, one of the most secure and dependable data centers in the world. Traffic is routed through Juniper edge routers and aggregated using Cisco core switches. The Equinix network uses a number of industry-leading backbone providers. Site employees are required to have extensive experience in telecommunications, IP, NT and networking technologies, and are on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Equinix is outsource IT infrastructure partner with IBM, Google, Sony Online, General Electric, Electronic Arts, Primedia/, Hotwire, Yahoo!, and Microsoft. Besides EzRabbit, Equinix Data Center customers include, among others,, General Electric, Google, Hines, IBM, Paypal and the Chicago Stock Enchange.

Take a visual tour of the data center.

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